Sub-HeaderEntrepreneur.  Vegan.  Naturalista.  Lighworker. Indigo Twin Flame. Loveatarian. Yogi. River Kia.  A trailblazer in the natural hair scene, River is a leader in bringing resources to communities on achieving healthier lifestyles.  It was for this reason she founded the Coffee, Curls & Cupcakes Healthy Hair Series in 2010.  The program has attracted more than 2,500 attendees to enjoy educational discourse, products and services on hair and other topics by local and national stylists, vendors, academics, authors and medical professionals.  Partners have included Miss Jessie’s Co-Founders Miko and the late Titi Branch, social media guru and psychologist Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey “Beautiful Brown Baby Doll” and Master Stylist Sandra Dee just to name a few.

River also enjoys a broad spectrum of music genres; stemming from Classical to DubStep and everything in between.  Hence the creation of SoundCloud Sunday’s Ipod Pick of the month. She’s interested in all things creative – included but not limited to fine arts and good vegan eats!  She’s fashion conscious…something… but most comfortable in jean and a part of chucks.  She is a believer of giving back to the community through volunteerism,  an ideas addict,  and an aspiring “spirit junkie” on the  path of exploring  everything enlightening through the power of LOVE.

In fact, River experienced her spiritual awakening just recently in March of 2016 upon meeting her Twin Flame. Meeting this person inspired her development of  her intuition, realization of her counselor spirit and creating her Reflection Session Curriculum for newly awaken twin flames.  Over the past year she began counseling friends and family members using her Reflection Sessions materials, giving her the chance to learn and  tweak the curriculum.

Her twin flame experience has inspired her to have the confidence by believing in her natural gift and helped her realize her mission here on Earth for the twin flame collective.

She started her YouTube Channel RiverKia TV in 2010 and never really knew her niche until 2017 where she has plans to upload handy private counsel session in order to help service and assist newly awakened twin flames. To find out more, simply click the link http://riverkia.appointy.com to book a session and let the journey begin.

Eve's Nectar JackeeTo top it all off,  River is pleased to announce the formation of Eve’s Nectar Fragrances by Jackee, an up-and-coming business which sells conventional/homemade long-lasting, fragrant body oils.  Eve’s Nectar is a subsidiary of Fronczak Group, LLC and  many of the signature scents will be sold on this site.



What is River’s hair type?4B Natural Hair II

River has a mixture of 4b  4c and 4a in lower back area.

How long have you been natural?

She has been natural for a total of 17 years and  “big chopped” a total of four times. During the course of  third “big chop,” she experienced extreme shedding due to getting a relaxer and dye job too close together.  In 2010 she made the decision to put together a forum in hope to help education men, women, and children of all hair types through  a hair event entitled Coffee, Curls & Cupcakes Healthy Hair Series.

What products does she use?

Pre-Poo – Trader Joe’s Extra Virgin Oil

1st week Shampoo –  Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap.

Conditions – Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Moisturizing

2nd Week Condition Wash

Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Moisturizing Conditioner

Leave In Conditioner – Kinky Curly Knot Today.

Sealant  – homemade whipped shea butter and oils like : Organic Virgin Coconut, Jojoba, Avocado  & Almond oils.

River’s favorite essential oil is Peppermint Oil.

CCC San, Nina, Riv


(left to right: Sandra Dee, Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey & River Fronczak)

Now Coffee, Curls & Cupcakes is a 501(c)(3) health and wellness non-profit and donations to this organization are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law. Since 2010, more than 2,500 individuals have taken part in seminars blending the sweetness of cupcakes and invigorating aroma of coffee to elevate advantageous conversation to as well as help themselves and their communities.

Started at the inception of the curly/natural hair movement, CCC has created a model and springboard for many other events throughout the United States. We since have widened our scope to focus on not only healthy hair but also to encourage mental, physical and life consciousness through tips, brand exposure, education, live forums and so much more. Partners have included Miss Jessie’s Co-Founders Miko & Titi Branch, social media guru and psychologist Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey “Beautiful Brown Baby Doll”, Master Stylist Sandra Dee many others.

For more information and to support visit: http://www.coffeecurlscupcakes.com


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Fronczak Group is a St. Louis based public relations and marketing company. Owned and founded by the husband and wife team Bill and River Fronczak, the firms services include public relations, special event planning and entertainment management. Bill, an award-winning communicator and Certified Special Events Professional, has 20 + years of experience in grant writing, initiating community partnerships and media connections, writing and designing cutting edge promotional materials and implementing successful special events and fund-raisers. Over the past 15 years, River’s event planning, management, talent scouting, promotions and social media marketing skills have bolstered the reputations of notable fine and performing artists. Together, the two have blended these skill sets to deliver high-impact results.