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It’s sure been a minute since I’ve blogged, especially about a SoundCloud Sunday Pick, so without further ado, let me share with you all my most played SoundCloud Picks of the month.

Ok, so I can’t seem to get enough of Coultrain’s “The Reintroduction.” Yes, this song is currently in heavy rotation on my iPod. STL Producer StoneyRock leads off with a whimsical beat-box, a playful Atari game keyboard sound and what appears to be a quirkily pleasant out-of-tune guitar fingering that is slow and purposeful to the groove. Most importantly, Coultrain serenades us with his soulful-yet-touching vocals. Check it out and let me know what you think by clicking below.

Next is a hip-strumental titled “Porky ( Track & Snacks S1-E3)” by Montreal Producer Shash’U. This amazing beat buster makes me want to be an “MC,” but unfortunately I CANNOT rap. However this delicious pork treat is tasty to say the least with its hip-hop electro beat lead by drums, electronic hi-hats and a distorted vocal loop.  Meanwhile, the break beat leaves you craving for more of this Porky Treat. Check it out here on SoundCloud Sunday

Lastly, I can’t leave without treating you all to my favorite herbal reference book that I think every vegan/vegetarian should have in his/her book collection — as you never know when you may need this info on a deserted island…LOL It’s titled “Herbally Yours” by Penny C. Royal. In this book PHerbally Yoursenny supplies a complete breakdown of common herbs and comprehensive uses for them as well as their uses to remedy health problems, provide vitamin/mineral sources and cleansing benefits. This is simply a MUST HAVE that can be purchased for little-to-nothing on amazon.com. So for all the new vegans and vegetarians, I can’t stress enough how useful a reference guide this book is!


I hope you enjoy the music and purchase the book. If you’d like to support me, I have vegan style tees for sale. Click the link to purchase.


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