Let’s talk miracles. These days we are so super saturated with the gloom and doom of what’s going on in the world. From the many natural disasters to the human-deprecating reality TV. We often forget to find gratitude for the smallest things. Being grateful leads to the miracles that we sometimes overlook. Like getting a free pair of earrings just for being honest to the merchant that made them, or money showing up in your bank account right when you need to fill the gas tank/pay a bill or even just to be in the right place where a person will offer their help. These are all acts of miracles. We can manifest miracles in our daily lives by aligning with the belief that the universe has your back.

In these last few months I have been going through trying, dark and downright emotionally draining times on a lot of different levels but I had an ally… Miracles. Day in and day out I was privileged to recognize miracles in my life at every twist and turn. I speak on this topic today because when we acknowledge the smallest of miracles that happen to us, then more and more miracles will present itself. You will even experience bigger and bigger miracles.

So as a gentle reminder, take time out of your day and find the miracle of the day. Before long you’ll start witnessing multiple miracles and your life will change for the better.

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Entrepreneur. Vegan. Naturalista. Lightworker. Indigo Twin Flame. River Kia. trailblazer in the natural hair scene, River is a leader in bringing resources to communities on achieving healthier lifestyles. It was for this reason she founded the Coffee, Curls & Cupcakes Healthy Hair Series in 2010. The program has attracted more than 2,500 attendees to enjoy educational discourse, products and services on hair and other topics by local and national stylists, vendors, academics, authors and medical professionals. Partners have included Miss Jessie’s Co-Founders Miko and the late Titi Branch, social media guru and psychologist Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey “Beautiful Brown Baby Doll” and Master Stylist Sandra Dee just to name a few. River also enjoys a broad spectrum of music genres; stemming from Classical to DubStep and everything in between. Hence the creation of SoundCloud Sunday’s Ipod Pick of the month. She’s interested in all things creative – included but not limited to fine arts and good vegan eats! She’s fashion conscious…something… but most comfortable in jean and a part of chucks. She is a believer of giving back to the community through voluteerism, an ideas addict, and an aspiring “spirit junkie” on the path of exploring everything enlightening through the power of LOVE.

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