This month I celebrate my fourth vegan anniversary, a.k.a. my “vegan-versary”!!  I have been a vegan for four consecutive years and I must say it has been quite a journey of ups and downs.  To all who are starting or continuing this vegan lifestyle I’d like to share with you how my life changed dramatically after connecting via Facebook to a black fruitarian by the name of Orvel Douglas.   Douglas is a not just a fruitarian but a Certified Nutritionist, Diet Specialist and Coach with over 15 years of experience.  I can’t wait tell more about my experiences with this man…He’s simply amazing and ageless.

But first I want to give a bit of background on my vegan journey.  Previous to being a vegan I was a vegetarian turned carbo-tarian (person that starts to solely feed on carbs like: pasta, rice, bread and potatoes) for 17 years.  In fact, there were periods in my newly married life that I even took time out of my vegetarian lifestyle to somewhat cater to my husband who ate everything…I mean everything.  That just wasn’t for me and so after about two years of eating on and off vegetarian, I went back to my vegetarian roots.  Around 2012 I started to consider the idea of becoming a vegan.  By July 2013, I dove in head first as a raw vegan eating a 80/10/10 styled vegan program.  I consumed enormous helpings of fruits and veggies not really understanding the laws of food combining.  Although, I must say I was gaining clarity and feeling fit as a fiddle until I started getting the detox symptoms.

In the first three months I experienced everything from increased acne with devastating scarring to dramatic hair loss, fatigue and severe coldness in my extremities.  At this point, I thought “Maybe I should quit this foolishness and just go back to eating vegetarian,” but my ego self said “No way, keep pushing, you’ve come this far so let’s see where this goes.” Anyways, I continued on for another 3 months and of course many of my symptoms went away except for the severe coldness in my hands and feet.  (River Goes Raw Vegan) A total of six months had passed and I finally fell off the wagon due to the extreme craving for all the carbs I love.

When I fell off the wagon, I thought I’d never get back on my vegan journey until about a months and a half later. Yep… I was back on the saddle again but this time, I decided to eat cooked vegan foods only after 5 p.m.  So I began what is called “Raw Til Five” routine of consuming raw vegan meals up until 5 pm.  This lasted for a couple of years and soon found myself eating cooked vegan food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I was eating at all the types of vegan restaurants and enjoying the latest vegan processed foods, like burgers, brats, chips, pizzas and cookies.  You name a processed vegan foot, and I was eating it.  My body soon began to speak, or perhaps I should say it began to revolt!

By the beginning of 2017, I had Candida so bad that it was in my scalp.  I knew something had to change.  After figuring out what was happening to me, I took what I thought was a homeopathic direction, and started on a Candida 30-Day Herbal Cleanse.  Although it wasn’t vegan, I was in so much agony and I took it anyway.  In fact, I felt so bad that I would have tried over-the-counter medicine if it was prescribed to me.

At any rate, I started the 30 Day Herbal Cleanse and it was the most pain steaking process ever. I swallowed at least 8 pills daily and not to mention I was on a restricted non candida food regimen that were tasteless and simply unfulfilling. nursing graduate school essay go to link research paper on economic growth education essay by einstein a level chemistry coursework help order doxycycline online doxycycline hyclate calcium buy womens viagra australia go to site watch buy arrow lisinopril no prescription endolite prosthesis can you take viagra and priligy together writing essays for college applications antabuse dosing guidelines how to write an argumentative essay pdf thesis writing service viagra ebay bestellen essay on primary education see url source url expository essay topics for middle school students source link template for a research proposal here examples of research paper with apa style higher english reflective essay topics AND, by the end of the 30 days I still had Candida. I was just about to start the 3 Day Herbal Cleanse again when I decided to check on Facebook for others who may have been in my shoes.

This was the around the time I found the one and only Orvel Douglas.  I met him on one of his multiple vegan groups he administrates on Facebook.  Actually, I first reached out to him for a friend who suffers with severe diabetes.   He was quick to respond with the most factual information.  He was honest and very open to a number of questions I had on her behalf.  This led me to dig deeper into the resources he had available.

So one day, after eating homemade veggie broth; literally starving and about to start another cleanse, I finally decided to go to Orvel’s Fruitarian Fruit Feast page and reached out to him on my behalf this time.   I reluctantly informed him that I had Candida and I had just started a weight-training workout routine mixed with HIIT where I was seeing great results but now I would set back my progress being stuck eating veggie broth and drinking only distill water.  In truth, I was miserable, near tears, praying that he could help me.  He simply encouraged me to drop the veggie broth and get to eating fresh raw fruit high in water content to help remove the fats stored in my blood stream.  He even explain how the Candida was feeding off the sugar that was directly connected to the fats in my blood stream.

Orvel then sent me a link to his 31-Day Fruit Feast Challenge (for the month of May) and explained how joining it would benefit me greatly.  Although it was already four days into the challenge I joined right away and witnessed many of my symptom dissipate in the first three weeks.

I followed his rules to the letter and for the most part continued the fruit feast long after it ended only to see him post the next  31-Day Fruit Feast for the month of July, in which I am currently participating.  It gives me great pleasure to announce that I am officially Candida free.

Reflecting back on this journey I believe that one of Orvel s most valuable resources for me was the Food Combining Chart.  Needless to say, I can testify to the power of Orvel’s 31-Day Fruitarian Fruit Feast as one of the most life-changing experiences I’ve had on this vegan journey.   Not only am I now officially a RAW Vegan but I can now make more informed choices by simply remembering to stay away from overt fat and to consume the watery fruits all while drinking distilled water.  Although, I still suffer from extreme cold hands and feet, I believe that following the coaching of Orvel Douglas’ Fruitarian Fruit Feast will continue to heal my anemia.

If you haven’t checked out Orvel Douglas’ wealth of information, I encourage you to do so.  For my part, I plan to maintain this lifestyle as I see how fruit has nurtured me back to health…



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Entrepreneur. Vegan. Naturalista. Lightworker. Indigo Twin Flame. River Kia. trailblazer in the natural hair scene, River is a leader in bringing resources to communities on achieving healthier lifestyles. It was for this reason she founded the Coffee, Curls & Cupcakes Healthy Hair Series in 2010. The program has attracted more than 2,500 attendees to enjoy educational discourse, products and services on hair and other topics by local and national stylists, vendors, academics, authors and medical professionals. Partners have included Miss Jessie’s Co-Founders Miko and the late Titi Branch, social media guru and psychologist Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey “Beautiful Brown Baby Doll” and Master Stylist Sandra Dee just to name a few. River also enjoys a broad spectrum of music genres; stemming from Classical to DubStep and everything in between. Hence the creation of SoundCloud Sunday’s Ipod Pick of the month. She’s interested in all things creative – included but not limited to fine arts and good vegan eats! She’s fashion conscious…something… but most comfortable in jean and a part of chucks. She is a believer of giving back to the community through voluteerism, an ideas addict, and an aspiring “spirit junkie” on the path of exploring everything enlightening through the power of LOVE.

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