Happy Fourth of July Friends…I hope you are enjoying this day to the fullest!

In today‘s blog, I want to show appreciate the singers, musicians, songwriters and beat makers for continuing to share their perspectives especially during the turbulent landscape in which we currently live.  As a lover of the life and freedom that music provides, SoundCloud Spotlight really allows me to vibe and just feel what many are feeling during today’s life changes. So in honor of loving life, love and music I want to share some tunes to which I’ve been feeling.

The first song comes from one of the my old favorites: Little Dragon. “Where You Belong” sounds like a reflection on love that seems lost but in reality never left.  It’s summery, refreshing, led by a funky base riff with keyboard interaction that sways —all the while being laced with the distinctly beautiful vocals of lead singer: Yukimi Nagano.  Listen below. 

The second song, while released in 2019, has an urgency and passion that is very of the moment.  “All for Us” starts with Labrinth’s classical three-part a capella, and then the intoxicating high-pitched vocal samples with 808-like base kicks in. This is enhanced with trance-like synths, topped off with guest vocals by Zendaya that contrast nicely agains the swagger of Labrinth.  All that’s needed is some hi-fi headphones or car speakers — and its like being transported to another world. Check it out!