Music. Defined as vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

That said,  I want let my new guests know that I will always feature music on my site as my intentions are to continuously represent all that is creative and of LOVE.  Like many others, I have a very close relationship to music.  This creative form allows me emote a spectrum of high and balanced frequencies.  I use it help uplift my mood, create loving feeling and even to empowered myself.   Well, that’s what SoundCloud Sunday does for me and the existing supporters of my site.  This post is for my lovers of high frequency sounds, sequences, lyrics and simply good vibes.

Music is changing and although open and receptive to change, I’m just very cautious about what I vibe to.  These days any sound that makes me happy is what I’m leaning towards.  Today I feature two tracks that can really change your mood…for the better…

So, my first SoundCloud Sunday Pick is synth and high-hat heavy with a bit of a hipstrumental feel.  Its spacey hypnotic vibe puts you on top of the clouds. Pretty soon you’re instantly nodding your head to the catchy phrasing of “Lately I’ve Been Glowed –Up.”  In this case, this is not a hipstrumental but a re-mix of Kaytranada featuring the Anderson Paak song titled “Glowed Up”.  The E.D.M. dub-step sounds captured by Kyral X Banko Flip is so on trend and this track makes me happy by alternating between ultra high and low sounds, high hat and snare drum patterns.  The varied soundscape takes these songs to new heights.  Check it out for yourself.

Speaking of new heights, my second and last selection for this edition of SoundCloud Sunday  is “Shine On Me” by Dan Auerbach, most famous for being a part of the duo the Black Keys.  Its catchy acoustic guitar rift that recalls the song “Queen of Hearts” is inspired by Auerbach’s recent move to the city of Nashville.  This track’s ethereal electric guitar solo soars, evoking the feeling of a warm sunny joyous day.   By the end the song, you may even sing along. Take time to enjoy this song below.


That end today’s edition of SoundCloud Sunday.  If you are reading this post and subscribe to this site,  please don’t hesitate to leave me a request, suggestion or comment.  I’d love to read what you find interesting about this site or music in general.

Thanks and until next time, I send you all the highest vibration of love, peace and light.


What is a Twin Flame?

In layman’s terms, here is a quick explanation of the Twin Flame.

  • In the beginning man and woman were one.
  • Then man and women were cut in two.
  • And, so we all have a twin soul (or flame) out there.

According to the Center of Soul Evolution CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

“Twin Flames, also called twin souls, are literally the other half of our souls.  We each have only one twin and generally after being split the two went their separate ways, incarnating over and over to gather human experiences before coming back together.  Ideally, this happens in both their last lifetimes on the planet so they can ascend together.”

That said, a Twin Flame relationship is a divine union with a divine purpose.  The meeting with your Twin Flame is in many ways an invitation from (The Universe, Source, Spirit, The Most High or G.O.D. – Governs Organizes & Delivers) to re-establish a personal relationship since it offers not only the potential for self-realization but also for the realization of G.O.D.  G.O.D. is a prerequisite of a lasting union with your Twin Flame, to be realized through the process of surrender.

A Historical Perspective

According to Benjamin Jowett translation of Aristophanes’ Speech from Plato’s Symposium

Collected Works of Plato, 4th Edition, Oxford U. Press, 1953 (189c-189d) p 520 to (193d-193e) p 525,

“The original man and woman was not like the present, but different. The sexes were not two as they are now, but originally three in number; there was man, woman, and the union of the two…”

Benjamin goes on to translate, “In the second place, the primeval man was round, his back and sides forming a circle; and he had four hands and the same number of feet, one head with two faces, looking opposite ways, set on a round neck and precisely alike; also four ears, two privy members, and the remainder to correspond.  He could walk upright as men now do, backwards or forwards as he pleased, and he could also roll over and over at a great pace, turning on his four hands and four feet, eight in all, like tumblers going over and over with their legs in the air…

“Now the sexes were three, and such as I have described them; because the sun, moon, and earth are three; and the man was originally the child of the sun, the woman of the earth, and the man-woman of the moon, which is made up of sun and earth, and they were all round and moved round and round because they resembled their parents.  Terrible was their might and strength, and the thoughts of their hearts were great.  So great they made an attack upon the gods; of them is told the tale of Otys and Ephialtes who, as Homer says, attempted to scale heaven, and would have laid hands upon the gods.”

To paraphrase, celestial council was furious and contemplated whether to kill and annihilate the race of the Round People with thunderbolts but after a good deal of reflection, Zeus discovered a way to discipline them.  Jowlett quotes Plato with:  “He said: ‘Methinks I have a plan which will enfeeble their strength and so extinguish their turbulence; men shall continue to exist, but I will cut them in two and then they will be diminished in strength and increased in numbers; this will have the advantage of making them more profitable to us.  They shall walk upright on two legs, and if they continue insolent and will not be quiet, I will split them again and they shall hop about on a single leg.’”

So man was cut into two in hope that they learn the lesson of humility.  After the division, they begin to die from hunger and self-neglect as they could not stand being apart.  Finally Zeus grew pity for them and invented a new plan.  Read more by CLICKING HERE.

Benjamin Jowlett’s article goes on to express the ancient desires of man seeking his counterpart and how deeply rooted this is to their original nature.  Such a nature of love and the constant yearning to return to love.

What This Means

Therefore when one meet their other half, the actual half of their selves, the pair are lost in the wonderment of love, friendship and intimacy.

Twin Flames are whole energetic souls made-up of pure love, vibrating at the same frequency.  Before reaching the Earth the souls send out signs, signals and clues of recognition.  In its earthly incarnation, each twin will experience something similar to a deja-vu moment, a sense of recognition or a jolt to the soul that signal their awakening.  This invitation from G.O.D. is a destined divine calling to their purpose and union.  That is why destiny is involved in the meeting of the Twin Flame on the earthly plane resulting in the beginning of a magical journey.

Here at, we’re here to help Twins navigate through this exciting, scary and exhilarating journey of identifying and relating to one’s Twin.  Simply CLICK HERE to schedule your very own personalized Reflections Sessions.


Hi and welcome to my site.  If this is your first visit, thank you for stopping by.  If you are a returning visitor I hope you take the time to check out the features of my revamped website.  Here’s what you can expect to find here:

Twin Flame Reflection Counseling Sessions

To be quite honest, it took me many years to figure out that one of my natural gifts and talents is counsel.  For so long, I took the time to help others with their life issues, quests and concerns.  In fact, I was often told point blank by one of my favorite elders that I was a “counselor.”  Though others saw this talent in me, I ran from these findings like the plague.

That changed in April 2016 when I experienced a spiritual awakening of my own.  I met and grew from my own twin flame encounter and from that very day my life was changed.  I learned I was an Indigo Twin Flamer, a Lightworker and Healer.  All of sudden I started finding my tribe and attracted several divine feminine twin flames at the beginning of their own twin flame journeys.  And so my counsel work began.  These experiences have led me to create Reflections, a four-week self-awareness curriculum to provide guidance and assistance to Twin Flames throughout their journeys.

Ask River: Natural Hair Tips & Tricks

On a personal level, my natural hair journey started in 1998.  My experiences and those of other fellow naturals, led me to create the Coffee, Curls and Cupcakes (CCC) event in 2010.  After attracting over 2,500 to our educational forums, CCC became a non-profit in January 2016.  CCC now focuses not only on natural hair but also health and wellness.  This site will also serve as portal for consultations, including 19 years of natural hair tips and tricks.

Eve’s Nectar Fragrant Body Oil

I’m also pleased to introduce Eve’s Nectar Fragrances by Jackee, an up-and-coming business which sells conventional/homemade long-lasting, fragrant body oils.  A portion of these proceeds support the non-profit Coffee Curls & Cupcakes and many of the signature scents will be sold on this site.

SoundCloud Sundays’ Ipod Pick of the Month

In SoundCloud Sundays my team and I review established and emerging artists whose music can be located on the SoundCloud App.  Basically, this is a blog about good music that my team and I would love to share with you.

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