wrestlingringTis the season for turkey, dressing and domestic disputes. Yes, that means it’s time for gathering around the dinner table for the holiday we all have come to know and love as Thanksgiving…or as the WWE calls it “Survivor Series.”

So why is it that a time dedicated to appreciating the many blessings that we all share often ends in petty disputes? Who got better gifts under the Christmas tree in middle school? Who didn’t live up to mommy/daddy’s expectations? Who was never appreciated? Hmm…

Blame it on the turk-turk-turk-turkey? Blame it on the sib-sib-sib-sibling rivalry?

One way or another the holidays are a time of intense feelings, high food (sugar) consumption and seeing folks you may or may not see all the time. Full bellies…high tempers. And, stop me if you’ve heard this story (right!).

And, so I humbly offer a few suggestions.

Take a deep breath before entering the feast grounds. Drink plenty of water. Remember this is only an hour or two out of a whole lifetime.

Focus on the good times. Chances are, unless you had a really awful childhood, there were more good memories than bad.

Remember that ‘I’m rubber, your glue…” Don’t let the digs stick and don’t feed the gremlin. Just enjoy the sweet potato pie.

Anyway, observe these suggestions and Thanksgiving should be the joyous time we all love and deserve. And, if not, well there’s always a cognac, scotch or Dr. Jack Daniels for dessert? If all else fails, try screaming into the doggie bag.

Since I began my vegan lifestyle two years ago, I’ve began experiencing bloating and a slow-down in weight loss.  In fact, I’m almost tilting the scale back what I use to weigh pre-diet.  This experience almost led me to question my whole purpose for starting the vegan journey.  Well, at least until last week.  That’s when one of my friends told me we shouldn’t mix our green vegetables with certain fruits.  Now granted, I knew better, as I had learned of simple food combinations when I first started.  But I abandoned the correct practice for whatever reason.  In addition, this same friend was so emphatic that she brought me a chart outlining the do’s and don’ts of food combining.  I further learned that starches and proteins should not be mixed together.  It is small rules like these that I want to share with those who are embarking on a vegan lifestyle or who simply need a refresher.Mee

Please note that there is a lot of information I will not be able to cover in just one post so I’ll try to highlight the most important basic points.  So let’s begin at the beginning.  The food we eat tends to be either Acidic or Alkaline.  Ideally our bodies should be 80% Alkaline and 20% Acid.  Maintaining a highly alkaline diet can help keep the general pH of the body in an ideal range as most people are excessively acidic, which invites dis-ease (disease) and other bodily & mental dysfunction, i.e. allergies, headaches, depression, mental imbalances, etc.

STEP ONE:  The first lesson to learn is which foods are Acidic and Alkaline.

Acidic Foods: 

·         Meat ·         Dairy ·         Eggs ·         Bread ·         Nuts/Seeds
·         Cooked Beans ·         Most Fruits (all non-ripe fruits) ·         Cooked White Potatoes
·         (mostly all)Processed Foods


Alkaline Foods:

·         Herbs ·         Garlic ·         Onion ·         Leaf Greens ·         Green Vegetables
·         Vine-Ripened Vegetables ·         Cayenne Pepper ·         Sprouts
·         Fresh Beans ·         Sesame Seeds ·         Small Grains
·         Some Nuts


STEP TWO:   You should fast with liquids when first going vegan.  Try drinking fresh raw vegetable juices like green juices with a small amount of ripe fruit.  During the fast, green drinks should be the primary beverage along with two quarts of water.  You can fast for one-to-two days or once a week.  If drinking only fruit juice during the one-day fast, be sure to dilute it with four parts water.  A one-day fasts helps to cleanse the body of toxins while resetting the digestive system and eating patterns.




Freshly squeezed lemons or limes 1 qtz water

Followed by watermelon juice or green juice (check online for great green-juice recipes)

Drink purified water with lemons as often as possible before lunch


Green juice

Drink purified water with lemons or as often as possible before dinner


Green juice or vegetable juice.


After fasting allow the digestive system to gently reset. The first meal should be light, so start with tree-ripened fruit, a few sprouts and green leafy vegetables.  Then resume eating healthy, balanced vegan meals.

STEP THREE:  Food Combining Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Do NOT eat starchy carbohydrates with acid fruits or protein dominant foods. (Do not mix starches with avocados.)
  2. Do NOT mix fruits with vegetable. Sugars and acids in fruits slow down the digestion of carbohydrates found in vegetables and can cause fermentation, bloating and gas. Therefore, eat fruits and vegetables at different meals.
  3. You can mix all green vegetables together, however the fewer ingredients the better. Avoid mixing more than one protein or fat at a meal.
  4. Consume raw foods first before eating cooked foods as the enzymes found in raw foods aids the digestion of cooked foods.
  5. Acid fruits and sweet fruits do NOT mix. (Google acid fruit VS sweet fruit for examples.) Try to limit fruit to 15% of the diet in the beginning until the body gets a bit more alkaline. In addition, do NOT mix fruits with starches, vegetables or proteins. Eat melons only with other melons, and do not mix with acids or sweet fruits.


Since its Sunday, I might as well leave you with a Throwback SoundCloud Sunday Pick from one of my favorite groups, Sweden’s Little Dragon.  Their 2014 album, Nabuma Rubberband, has been in heavy rotation on my iPhone and so I couldn’t help but feature my favorite track from this masterpiece, “Klapp Klapp.”  It sounds like a space-aged car chase to a snare drum, funky bass groove and dreamy keyboards, overlaid with the sultry and soulful vocals of Yukimi Nagano.  The whole album is a delight and this track is one of many highlights.  Be sure to check it out!


DateNightWith so much going on in our world, we often forget to take a moment to reflect on the human experience with its joys big and small.  So today I wanted to take the time to mention some of my experiences this weekend for which I’m very grateful.

On Friday, I had the opportunity to see two awesome comedians, Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy grace the Peabody Opera House.  Foxworthy shared his trademark wit and relatable family stories, while Larry The Cable Guy brought chuckles with his sheer personality.  My husband and I even got the chance take a picture with the two comedians…well kind of!  At any rate, this was an awesome experience.

The fun continued, as we enjoyed date night part two and three on Saturday and Sunday.  On Halloween, we were off to see “Bridge of Spies” featuring Tom Hanks and Sunday enjoyed the awesome Malibu Melt at one of my favorite vegan restaurants, Seedz Café.  Oh, and did I mention how great it was to get an extra hour of sleep thanks to the end of Daylight Savings Time?!

Of course, I’d be remiss not to show my gratitude to the many artists who share their talents with all the world in hopes to bring positive change, appreciation or just enlightenment on how wonderful it is to have the gift of music.  In honor of love and gratitude, today’s SoundCloud Sunday Pick is by SiR titled “Love You”.  Check it out..I hope you enjoy.