Introducing a new twist on a familiar site.  I’ve had river-kia.com for two years and I thought it was time for a make-over and so far I’m really happy with it.  Here’s hoping you like the direction I’m going.  As I continue to fix the site, you will notice that I’m in the process of adding the new fragrance line called Eve’s Nectar Fragrances by Jackee.  I’ve mentioned before that is one of two new partnership ventures I’m working on.  Eve’s Nectar sells conventional and homemade, long-lasting fragrant body oils.   So for now, I’m featuring one of my favorite women’s scents titled Blush inspired by Peony & Blush Suede.  Its light floral and sensual scent is enough to make a pretty girl blush.  That’s not all you’ll see on river-kia.com.  As always I’ll continue to write about what’s playing on my iPod in SoundCloud Sundays.  Since music is my first love, it’s been a pretty good marriage.

That brings me to my SoundCloud Sunday’s Pick.  Anyone who knows me will know that I’m a fan of “Skateboard P.”…Pharrell Williams that is. I’m truly in love with his song, “Freedom.” It’s such a fitting anthem for our time.  The jazzy piano loop, light percussion and melodic back-up vocals are punctuated by Pharrell’s voice.  Like freedom itself, sometimes his voice is a whisper and sometimes it’s an outright scream.  It takes all voices to realize this dream.

Check out Pharrell’s song “Freedom” below.