Guess what!? I’ve celebrated my two year vegan-versary and I feel GREAT!   In fact, at this point in my journey I don’t feel like I crave or miss any of the old food I used to eat.  AND…It’s been a whole lot of fun!  Especially checking out new vegan stomping grounds here in my hometown and Yelping up some great spots on many of my road trips, in particular my trips to Chicago and Milwaukee. (It really does work, BTW.  If you haven’t done it before, try Yelping out on your next vacation).   At home, I’ve been juicing and blending away, eating mainly raw vegan during the day and cooked vegan in the evening.  Goals? I have an eye toward 100% raw vegan.  Finding and exploring more vegan recipes to make in the comfort of my own home.  Continuing to purify my body by stepping up my fitness.  I hope to report progress on these goals by the three-year vegan-versary if not sooner.  What goals are you currently working on?


In addition to all of that, I’ve decided to step up my game to only using plant-based make-up, facial cleanser, toothpastes and many other daily products.  I’m sure the advantages of this will be even more profound as I continue to grow in love and light for the universe and my fellow man and animal.  In planning to make these changes to my life I was pleasantly surprised by the exciting opportunities to join a new company called Arbonne.  So if you’re like me, you probably thinking what is Arbonne?  Right… I didn’t know about this company either until about a week ago.  However, Arbonne is a 35-year-old company whose mission is to providing botanically based personal care and wellness products by focusing on delivering the safest most beneficial formulas and upholding the strictest policy for their products.  They are committed to vegan, gluten free and cruelty free standards, while providing quality to their line of cosmetic, nutrition, skin care, bath and body products.  I was so happy to hear this that I signed up to be a Independent Consultant.  So now  If you think this rocks, check out

For those interested in smelling good, I’ve teamed up with a company called Eve’s Nectar Fragrance by Jackee, who specializes  an alcohol free body oils.  I’ll be featuring my favorite scents to my blog in the near future.  But I digress…

Here’s a Wednesday edition of SoundCloud Sundays.   I’m featuring the song…”Special Affair” by The Internet Music.  Driven by the craziest but dopiest bass lick and lush vocal, this jam is like (kale) chips, you can’t listen to it just once.  You just want more and more. Exotic to the core, beware to the listener as it may lead to relative activities.

For all of you who enjoy a good hip-strumental with a dash of dub, here’s Sam Gallaitry’s Crunk Remix of “Waiting So Long.” Organ synth, and the all ingredients that make and good dub step, crunk mix was featured in this masterful mix. Enjoy.

Until next time…



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