Happy New Year! It’s been a very good first week of 2015 and I’m happy to be able to submit another SoundCloud Sunday Pick for all my music lovers.

That said, my first pick is Clara La San’s cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Rock Your Body. ” This song is primarily a deconstructed track lead by lullaby sounding vocals…Wow..I must say it’s simply beautiful and sad. In parts of the song, La San’s vocals recalls the sensuality of Janet Jackson in many of her early 90’s songs. I feel like this music will become a favorites to many who enjoy lush and strong vocal arrangements.

Check out this beauty by clicking here.

My second and last pick of the week is “Coffee” by Miguel. As you probably already know I truly enjoy the written foreplay that Miguel evokes in his writing. He speaks to my more erotic side. In “Coffee,” Miquel continues to give us thought-provoking lyrics that paint a clear picture of his sensuality and view on love — all backed by the sparse instrumental synths that have become his signature. I’m rocking out to this song right now so check it out for yourself.

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