Are you afro-tastic? If you’re confident, sexy and powerful with your own afro-textured hair, then the answer is a great big YES. You’re definitely afro-tastic and you should be proud.

I believe that being a “natural” is super cool and fun! Just in time for the long, hot summer we’ve created a new style tee for all of our proud “naturalistas.” Get your very style tee today!

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Afro-tastic Style Tee

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Raw Vegan Vixen

Today, I want to take the time to announce that my passion for living a vegan lifestyle is still running strong. My diet is aboVegan Loveut 85 percent raw. (I choose to eat cooked vegan/vegetarian dishes after 4 p.m.) Don’t get me wrong I’ve had the occasional slip-ups but I tend to stay pretty consistent. This road to Vegan-hood is rocky but rewarding

That brings me to a special announcement! On the occasion of my one- year vegan anniversary, I’m selling a set of brand new stylish graphic tees. If you’re a proud vegan like me and want to let the world know, I hope you’ll visit the store by CLICKING HERE to get your very own “Vegan Love” and/or “100 Percent Raw Veggie Vixen” T-Shirt.   Fittingly enough, the Veggie Vixen shirt is kind to the environment: made from 100 percent certified organic cotton. Get your stylist Tee today!

In the meantime, stay tuned for more vegan recipes, tutorials and SoundCloud Sunday Picks.




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