Granny Ginger's OJ SmoothieMost of you know that I choose to eat raw vegan about 90 percent of the time and my favorite part about breakfast is creating and trying smoothie recipes. Now don’t get me wrong, I eat whole fruit for breakfast, as well. That said, today I want to share with you a recipe for a refreshing and delicious fruit smoothie that I can’t seem to get enough of. Be sure that all your produce is organic to get the best taste possible. You’re going to need:

(2) Medium Granny Smith (green) apples.
(4) Navel oranges
(1) Pinky tip size piece of ginger root

Place all the ingredients into a high-speed blender, blend and enjoy!

Now I wouldn’t be River if I didn’t explain to you the perks to this refreshing drink so here we go… Talk about an apple a day. Eating apples daily can reduce harmful LDL cholesterol in the body and comes in many different varieties. (Organic apples are prone to more blemishes than non-organic apples but the taste is far superior. )

Of course oranges are high in an essential vitamin. And what vitamin would that be? Say it with me, “Vitamin C!” Vitamin C is necessary for the absorption of iron and helps strengthen the immune system by aiding and fighting infections.

Lastly, you would be surprised that the funny looking spice called ginger root is equipped with potassium, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, silicon, phosphorus, sodium and beta-carotene not to mention that it’s packed with vitamins A C E and B complex.

Orange peels can be used to keep mosquitos away. Simply rub the outside part of the orange onto unprotected skin before heading outside.

Ginger roots also can reduce arthritis menstrual pain can treat migraines and control diabetes just to name a few benefits, so don’t be afraid to get your ginger on!

Hey music lovers, SoundCloud Sundays is back with a “hip-hopular” sensation that is irresistible to my iPod.

As of late I’ve been in my Miguel moment so it seems only right that “Simple Things (Girls Vol. 2, All Adventurous Women Do…”) is my next iPod jam! Just the sound of Miguel’s mid-tempo cuts put me at ease and in the mindset of being grown-and-sexy. Much of the song is driven by his lead vocals, a muted electric guitar and synth high-hat. It’s mellow and groove inspiring all in one. The song’s beauty is the simplicity of its production, leaving you wanting to play the track again and again especially when you’re with that significant other. This cozy ambient sound is quickly becoming his signature sound. “Simple Things” lands at number four on my all-time favorite Miguel songs, which are in order:

3. “What’s the Fun in Forever”
2. “Adorn”
1. “Kaleidoscope Dream”

What are your favorite Miguel songs?