For those of you that are waiting on a video from me, please accept my sincere apologizes. I will be editing and publishing a video here soon. In the meantime, lately making SoundCloud Sundays picks has been such a pleasure to do that I once again tried desperately to choose one record that I love…  That said I just had to announce two songs in my ipod rotation, so here we go.

I simply could not WAIT to announce  Charlotte OC‘s Colour of My Heart as my  SoundCloud Sunday Pick of the week!! This record is soul-pop awesomeness multiplied by greatness.  The track features a vocal arrangement that calls to mind Kate Bush and a simple ethereal beat that is delightful.  To say it has the feeling of a smash hit is an understatement. My second pick is a remix of Grizzly Bear by Diplo titled Will Calls.  It’s full of fun upbeat synth-pop.  I must admit that I’ve never heard the original version of this song but I find this version infectious and hypnotic with all the great tempo changes that make you want to dance ALL night long. This track has already receive a lot of buzz in such a short amount of time and it’s worthy of being crowned this week’s SoundCloud Sunday co-pick.

As you may have noticed, I selected not ONE but THREE songs that I love equally for this week’s SoundCloud Sundays Picks.  Check out Valerie June’s Wanna Be On Your Mind a bluesy meets folk jam that has a melodic but modern feel that’s sure to have you singing the chorus by the end of the song.

Equally impressive is Lines by The Hics a lust sonic masterpiece that marries the sounds of electronic and soul.  My heart skips a beat each time this song starts.  Enjoy romantic and captivating bass licks over a heavenly vocal arrangement by female songtress Roxana Dayette.  All I can say is “goosebumps!”

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Lastly, M.I.A is at it again with Y.A.L.A.  off her latest album Matangi.  This dance, hip-hop, electronic style is definitely a dance worthy and infectious song.  Drum and tambourine driven rhythms under M.I.A’s british accented rap vocals is an M.I.A’s fan haven, making this song yet another headbanger.  Caution: Y.A.L.A has some explicit lyrics.