So it’s official.  I can finally say that I’ve been eating about 90 percent organic raw vegan for the past two to three months.  My disclaimer is just two words. “For now…” Just to be on the realistic side of thing this is not a easy way of life.  I mean, there has been many days I’ve had to borrow money just to get more fruits and veggies in the house because this is quite an expensive way of life and somewhat lonely.  I’ll explain.

Many of my friends and family members don’t understand my desire to eat raw so they tend to judge and even go as far as offer me what their eating, which I’m sure they know at this point I don’t eat. (shoulder shrug) It’s funny and frustrating all at the same time.

Thanks God, I’m not as concerned with what people say or do.  However, sometimes, my husband may be eating fries or chips or even cake and I’m like ….”Ugh, Calgon take me away. ” Simply because it is easy to cave in and want to eat the same things. So I have to say that as long as my money can continue to pay for this way of life and I can stay focused, I’ll be a raw vegan all the way.

Now for the perks…I’ve experienced increased energy, clarity and I barely have B.O. at all…It’s amazing.   While I know is it sounds bonkers, my nose can smell everything…I mean everything.  Acne breakouts are at an all time low and my old acne scares are clearing up…YAY!! I’m basically in love with my new eating routine but I digress…

Check out some of the items I purchased in the below video and stay tuned for some future videos showcasing some of the recipes I’ve made with those same fruits and veggies.

Later for now…


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