I was on hiatus for about month working on everything from the Coffee, Curls & Cupcakes Healthy Hair Series event to training for various contract positions. I got the chance to chill-lax with family and friends at football and baseball games along with supporting my husband with a golfing fundraiser.  I’ve finally gotten enough calories in me to start back working out with my husband by race walking 3 to 4 miles daily..and yes that includes Sundays.

So now I’m back with a vid of my favorite items for the month of August and don’t be surprised if you see another post from me in a few days.  Click on my vid to see, what I deem favorites.. I even go as far as mentioning my new  favorite song entitled “Teen Spirit” found on SoundCloud (see below).  In the meanwhile, don’t hesitate to follow me on SoundCloud to check out the list of songs I got in rotation.