August is here and with all the heavy energies out there, seems like we’re in need of something light and joyful so I propose…MUSIC!  That’s right, in this edition of SoundCloud Sunday (on a Wednesday), I’m promoting easy and fun music that will take the mind to higher places.

I’m gonna kick-off this edition with my current favorite song in heavy rotation on my iPod.  It’s “Vacation” by Dirty Heads.  This song even sounds like a vacation.  Its starts with reggae-driven piano cords and catchy sing-song chorus featuring occasional horns, hand snaps and high-hat.   The lyrics really put things in perspective: “I’m on vacation, every single day cause I love my occupation…If you don’t like your life then you should go and change it.”  I truly love the ease of this song and hope you do too.  So check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

My second SoundCloud selection is Kid The Wiz’s “Nancy”. This hip-hop mash-up feature Jon Bellons “He Is the Same,” “iRobot” and others mixes.  It’s got the right balance of hip-hop and pop with synth board mix.   I really love this party song.   Click the link below.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


Music. Defined as vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

That said,  I want let my new guests know that I will always feature music on my site as my intentions are to continuously represent all that is creative and of LOVE.  Like many others, I have a very close relationship to music.  This creative form allows me emote a spectrum of high and balanced frequencies.  I use it help uplift my mood, create loving feeling and even to empowered myself.   Well, that’s what SoundCloud Sunday does for me and the existing supporters of my site.  This post is for my lovers of high frequency sounds, sequences, lyrics and simply good vibes.

Music is changing and although open and receptive to change, I’m just very cautious about what I vibe to.  These days any sound that makes me happy is what I’m leaning towards.  Today I feature two tracks that can really change your mood…for the better…

So, my first SoundCloud Sunday Pick is synth and high-hat heavy with a bit of a hipstrumental feel.  Its spacey hypnotic vibe puts you on top of the clouds. Pretty soon you’re instantly nodding your head to the catchy phrasing of “Lately I’ve Been Glowed –Up.”  In this case, this is not a hipstrumental but a re-mix of Kaytranada featuring the Anderson Paak song titled “Glowed Up”.  The E.D.M. dub-step sounds captured by Kyral X Banko Flip is so on trend and this track makes me happy by alternating between ultra high and low sounds, high hat and snare drum patterns.  The varied soundscape takes these songs to new heights.  Check it out for yourself.

Speaking of new heights, my second and last selection for this edition of SoundCloud Sunday  is “Shine On Me” by Dan Auerbach, most famous for being a part of the duo the Black Keys.  Its catchy acoustic guitar rift that recalls the song “Queen of Hearts” is inspired by Auerbach’s recent move to the city of Nashville.  This track’s ethereal electric guitar solo soars, evoking the feeling of a warm sunny joyous day.   By the end the song, you may even sing along. Take time to enjoy this song below.


That end today’s edition of SoundCloud Sunday.  If you are reading this post and subscribe to this site,  please don’t hesitate to leave me a request, suggestion or comment.  I’d love to read what you find interesting about this site or music in general.

Thanks and until next time, I send you all the highest vibration of love, peace and light.


Since I began my vegan lifestyle two years ago, I’ve began experiencing bloating and a slow-down in weight loss.  In fact, I’m almost tilting the scale back what I use to weigh pre-diet.  This experience almost led me to question my whole purpose for starting the vegan journey.  Well, at least until last week.  That’s when one of my friends told me we shouldn’t mix our green vegetables with certain fruits.  Now granted, I knew better, as I had learned of simple food combinations when I first started.  But I abandoned the correct practice for whatever reason.  In addition, this same friend was so emphatic that she brought me a chart outlining the do’s and don’ts of food combining.  I further learned that starches and proteins should not be mixed together.  It is small rules like these that I want to share with those who are embarking on a vegan lifestyle or who simply need a refresher.Mee

Please note that there is a lot of information I will not be able to cover in just one post so I’ll try to highlight the most important basic points.  So let’s begin at the beginning.  The food we eat tends to be either Acidic or Alkaline.  Ideally our bodies should be 80% Alkaline and 20% Acid.  Maintaining a highly alkaline diet can help keep the general pH of the body in an ideal range as most people are excessively acidic, which invites dis-ease (disease) and other bodily & mental dysfunction, i.e. allergies, headaches, depression, mental imbalances, etc.

STEP ONE:  The first lesson to learn is which foods are Acidic and Alkaline.

Acidic Foods: 

·         Meat ·         Dairy ·         Eggs ·         Bread ·         Nuts/Seeds
·         Cooked Beans ·         Most Fruits (all non-ripe fruits) ·         Cooked White Potatoes
·         (mostly all)Processed Foods


Alkaline Foods:

·         Herbs ·         Garlic ·         Onion ·         Leaf Greens ·         Green Vegetables
·         Vine-Ripened Vegetables ·         Cayenne Pepper ·         Sprouts
·         Fresh Beans ·         Sesame Seeds ·         Small Grains
·         Some Nuts


STEP TWO:   You should fast with liquids when first going vegan.  Try drinking fresh raw vegetable juices like green juices with a small amount of ripe fruit.  During the fast, green drinks should be the primary beverage along with two quarts of water.  You can fast for one-to-two days or once a week.  If drinking only fruit juice during the one-day fast, be sure to dilute it with four parts water.  A one-day fasts helps to cleanse the body of toxins while resetting the digestive system and eating patterns.




Freshly squeezed lemons or limes 1 qtz water

Followed by watermelon juice or green juice (check online for great green-juice recipes)

Drink purified water with lemons as often as possible before lunch


Green juice

Drink purified water with lemons or as often as possible before dinner


Green juice or vegetable juice.


After fasting allow the digestive system to gently reset. The first meal should be light, so start with tree-ripened fruit, a few sprouts and green leafy vegetables.  Then resume eating healthy, balanced vegan meals.

STEP THREE:  Food Combining Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Do NOT eat starchy carbohydrates with acid fruits or protein dominant foods. (Do not mix starches with avocados.)
  2. Do NOT mix fruits with vegetable. Sugars and acids in fruits slow down the digestion of carbohydrates found in vegetables and can cause fermentation, bloating and gas. Therefore, eat fruits and vegetables at different meals.
  3. You can mix all green vegetables together, however the fewer ingredients the better. Avoid mixing more than one protein or fat at a meal.
  4. Consume raw foods first before eating cooked foods as the enzymes found in raw foods aids the digestion of cooked foods.
  5. Acid fruits and sweet fruits do NOT mix. (Google acid fruit VS sweet fruit for examples.) Try to limit fruit to 15% of the diet in the beginning until the body gets a bit more alkaline. In addition, do NOT mix fruits with starches, vegetables or proteins. Eat melons only with other melons, and do not mix with acids or sweet fruits.


Since its Sunday, I might as well leave you with a Throwback SoundCloud Sunday Pick from one of my favorite groups, Sweden’s Little Dragon.  Their 2014 album, Nabuma Rubberband, has been in heavy rotation on my iPhone and so I couldn’t help but feature my favorite track from this masterpiece, “Klapp Klapp.”  It sounds like a space-aged car chase to a snare drum, funky bass groove and dreamy keyboards, overlaid with the sultry and soulful vocals of Yukimi Nagano.  The whole album is a delight and this track is one of many highlights.  Be sure to check it out!


DateNightWith so much going on in our world, we often forget to take a moment to reflect on the human experience with its joys big and small.  So today I wanted to take the time to mention some of my experiences this weekend for which I’m very grateful.

On Friday, I had the opportunity to see two awesome comedians, Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy grace the Peabody Opera House.  Foxworthy shared his trademark wit and relatable family stories, while Larry The Cable Guy brought chuckles with his sheer personality.  My husband and I even got the chance take a picture with the two comedians…well kind of!  At any rate, this was an awesome experience.

The fun continued, as we enjoyed date night part two and three on Saturday and Sunday.  On Halloween, we were off to see “Bridge of Spies” featuring Tom Hanks and Sunday enjoyed the awesome Malibu Melt at one of my favorite vegan restaurants, Seedz Café.  Oh, and did I mention how great it was to get an extra hour of sleep thanks to the end of Daylight Savings Time?!

Of course, I’d be remiss not to show my gratitude to the many artists who share their talents with all the world in hopes to bring positive change, appreciation or just enlightenment on how wonderful it is to have the gift of music.  In honor of love and gratitude, today’s SoundCloud Sunday Pick is by SiR titled “Love You”.  Check it out..I hope you enjoy.


Introducing a new twist on a familiar site.  I’ve had for two years and I thought it was time for a make-over and so far I’m really happy with it.  Here’s hoping you like the direction I’m going.  As I continue to fix the site, you will notice that I’m in the process of adding the new fragrance line called Eve’s Nectar Fragrances by Jackee.  I’ve mentioned before that is one of two new partnership ventures I’m working on.  Eve’s Nectar sells conventional and homemade, long-lasting fragrant body oils.   So for now, I’m featuring one of my favorite women’s scents titled Blush inspired by Peony & Blush Suede.  Its light floral and sensual scent is enough to make a pretty girl blush.  That’s not all you’ll see on  As always I’ll continue to write about what’s playing on my iPod in SoundCloud Sundays.  Since music is my first love, it’s been a pretty good marriage.

That brings me to my SoundCloud Sunday’s Pick.  Anyone who knows me will know that I’m a fan of “Skateboard P.”…Pharrell Williams that is. I’m truly in love with his song, “Freedom.” It’s such a fitting anthem for our time.  The jazzy piano loop, light percussion and melodic back-up vocals are punctuated by Pharrell’s voice.  Like freedom itself, sometimes his voice is a whisper and sometimes it’s an outright scream.  It takes all voices to realize this dream.

Check out Pharrell’s song “Freedom” below.

This weekend was absolutely non-stop and filled with awesome moments that I will never forget. I started by eating at one of my favorite restaurants Lulu’s Local Eatery, one of St. Louis’ premier vegan restaurant. My husband and I enjoyed this place at least one a week and it never fails to deliver on totally delectable food.

Afterwards we headed to a Juice Plus conference where we had to privilege to meet one of the South Bronx true heroes, Mr. Stephen Ritz. He spoke about his many successes in teaching under-privileged, nutrition-deprived junior high and high school students how gardens create commerce and provide career opportunities. Students changed their eating patterns to add more plant-based food to their diets and fed their minds to achieve academic performance, while changing the landscape of the Bronx. The Green Bronx Machine even used the harvest from their gardens in lunch menus, as well as afforded children the opportunity to take home food. The whole community got involved from grandparents to corporate sponsors to even the Disney Channel. Mr. Ritz’s story is remarkable to say the least.

Ritz’s high energy and charismatic presentation was highlighted with the term C.A.N. (Changing Attitudes Now). This resonated with me on so many levels. All in all, I truly loved the experience. I was introduced to the Tower Garden, a remarkable way to grow our own greens vertically without taking up a lot of space. More information can be found on

In addition to all the “veggie love,” I was excited to find out that a health conscious supporter (thanks, mom) purchased some of the botanical based, vegan make-up from my Arbonne site. Then I got the opportunity to party at an auspicious Mathews-Dickey Boys’ & Girls’ Club fund-raising event that my husband plans, the Clifton Davis Say Amen Gala. On the one year anniversary of Mike Brown incident and Ferguson unrest, it was inspiring to see funds awarded to renovate a park in North County, youth/volunteers recognized for entrepreneurship, advocacy, literacy and more. To say I am grateful for and inspired by the whole day would be an understatement.

Which brings me to the desire to give back to all my SoundCloud Soldiers a musical pick to start off the week. My SoundCloud Sunday pick is “Falling” by SiR. It features supreme raspy vocals backed by hi-hat and steady bass line that enhance this grove.

Grove with me by checking out

Guess what!? I’ve celebrated my two year vegan-versary and I feel GREAT!   In fact, at this point in my journey I don’t feel like I crave or miss any of the old food I used to eat.  AND…It’s been a whole lot of fun!  Especially checking out new vegan stomping grounds here in my hometown and Yelping up some great spots on many of my road trips, in particular my trips to Chicago and Milwaukee. (It really does work, BTW.  If you haven’t done it before, try Yelping out on your next vacation).   At home, I’ve been juicing and blending away, eating mainly raw vegan during the day and cooked vegan in the evening.  Goals? I have an eye toward 100% raw vegan.  Finding and exploring more vegan recipes to make in the comfort of my own home.  Continuing to purify my body by stepping up my fitness.  I hope to report progress on these goals by the three-year vegan-versary if not sooner.  What goals are you currently working on?


In addition to all of that, I’ve decided to step up my game to only using plant-based make-up, facial cleanser, toothpastes and many other daily products.  I’m sure the advantages of this will be even more profound as I continue to grow in love and light for the universe and my fellow man and animal.  In planning to make these changes to my life I was pleasantly surprised by the exciting opportunities to join a new company called Arbonne.  So if you’re like me, you probably thinking what is Arbonne?  Right… I didn’t know about this company either until about a week ago.  However, Arbonne is a 35-year-old company whose mission is to providing botanically based personal care and wellness products by focusing on delivering the safest most beneficial formulas and upholding the strictest policy for their products.  They are committed to vegan, gluten free and cruelty free standards, while providing quality to their line of cosmetic, nutrition, skin care, bath and body products.  I was so happy to hear this that I signed up to be a Independent Consultant.  So now  If you think this rocks, check out

For those interested in smelling good, I’ve teamed up with a company called Eve’s Nectar Fragrance by Jackee, who specializes  an alcohol free body oils.  I’ll be featuring my favorite scents to my blog in the near future.  But I digress…

Here’s a Wednesday edition of SoundCloud Sundays.   I’m featuring the song…”Special Affair” by The Internet Music.  Driven by the craziest but dopiest bass lick and lush vocal, this jam is like (kale) chips, you can’t listen to it just once.  You just want more and more. Exotic to the core, beware to the listener as it may lead to relative activities.

For all of you who enjoy a good hip-strumental with a dash of dub, here’s Sam Gallaitry’s Crunk Remix of “Waiting So Long.” Organ synth, and the all ingredients that make and good dub step, crunk mix was featured in this masterful mix. Enjoy.

Until next time…



For all my SoundCloud Sunday Soldiers here’s three….Yes I said three…UNO, DOS, TRES awesome new songs! In this edition of SoundCloud Sunday I’ll also mention my favorite new movie night treat!

Song UNO is off Mikos Da Gawd’s Monogamy EP, “Sparagus w/Tito Tunes,” gives me major chill-mode swag. I love this hip-strumental. It starts with synth licks that crescendo into mad drum beats and hi-hat. This song took me on a roller-coaster ride with peaks, valleys and extreme descents. I still wanted more when the ride ended. Listen and purchase for yourself. (See below)

Song DOS, titled “Wonder Woman,” by Lion Babe is a soul anthem that is sure to be a favorite amongst my fellow “wonder women.” It has alluring vocals, sweet tonage and a vaguely familiar vibe. I would remiss to not to mention Lion Babe’s Erykah Badu-ish sound in certain points of the song. The track brings sunshine to a dull landscape of music currently playing on the radio. She has a bright future ahead! Check out “Wonder Woman!”

TRES…Last but certainty not least, thanks to Les Twins, I’ve saved the best for last. One of my absolute favorite albeit not-so-new songs is “TRNDSTTR” featuring M. Maggie (Lucian Remix) by Black Coast. This song, (breathe) sends my body into ecstasy with the Frou Frou-ish British vocal delivery, hip-hop electro-beat tempo with minor key piano tones, synth breakbeats and the dub-step blast-offs. So sing along, cause “I’mma trendsetter too.”


Now for a trend-setting snack. Looking for a delicious vegan movie treat besides popcorn, well I’ve GOT you covered. My favorite new vegan nacho chip is Beanfields’ Bean & Rice chip. I promise it’s gluten free, no dairy (vegan) has a complete protein and Non-GMO Project Verified.
These are every bit delicious, have 37% less fat with fiber and four grams of protein. If nothing else, give it a shot and happy snacking! (By the way, I am so not getting paid to tell you to try out these chip. That said, Beanfields, if you’re reading this, I’d love for you to sponsor me…)



A Capella? Check. Nineteen fifties vocal? Check. Dub-step influence beats with a splash of hip hop? Check, check and check. Put it together and you have an awesome pot of gumbo: Slyvan Esso’s “Hey Mami!” This is a new favorite and this week only song for my SoundCloud Sunday Pick. It’s quirky and enjoyable for anyone with a ear for obscure music. Put this in you bowl and sop-it-up.

Listen for yourself.

Happy New Year! It’s been a very good first week of 2015 and I’m happy to be able to submit another SoundCloud Sunday Pick for all my music lovers.

That said, my first pick is Clara La San’s cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Rock Your Body. ” This song is primarily a deconstructed track lead by lullaby sounding vocals…Wow..I must say it’s simply beautiful and sad. In parts of the song, La San’s vocals recalls the sensuality of Janet Jackson in many of her early 90’s songs. I feel like this music will become a favorites to many who enjoy lush and strong vocal arrangements.

Check out this beauty by clicking here.

My second and last pick of the week is “Coffee” by Miguel. As you probably already know I truly enjoy the written foreplay that Miguel evokes in his writing. He speaks to my more erotic side. In “Coffee,” Miquel continues to give us thought-provoking lyrics that paint a clear picture of his sensuality and view on love — all backed by the sparse instrumental synths that have become his signature. I’m rocking out to this song right now so check it out for yourself.

Before I end tonight, I want to simply plant a seed of sharing. If you like my post, please don’t hesitate to share with friends and family. By all means sign up for my blog or “Like” me on Facebook and “Follow” me on Twitter @riverkia.

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