Greetings River-Kia subscribers! For the next few weeks I’ll be writing blog entries geared for my Academic & Business Writing course. This means many of the entries may not apply to what I generally talk about on this platform. In the meantime, I will try to keep these blog posts as interesting as I can while continuing to write about the topics relevant to this site such as “mind, body and spirit” and “Soundcloud Sundays.”

The purpose of today’s post is to explain what I typically do on this blog, share my thoughts about writing as well as what I think I need to improve on.
To answer all these questions I typically write about music, spirituality, natural hair practices, health and wellness. If you’ve read my previous blog posts it may seem that I’ve always been comfortable with writing. The truth is I used to cringe at the thought of having to writing anything! Now I can say that I enjoy the process of sharing my thoughts and perspective in a creative outlet such as blogging; especially on particular topics that inspire me and others. Although I find creative writing pleasurable now, I still get nervous just thinking about business writing and I would like to improve in my understanding of how to use this skill more effectively.

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Sending you all my love and light… Namaste.