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The Funkyard is a series of playlists that I’ve created on a popular streaming service. Stop by The Funkyard Pt.7 for some hot, sweaty, funky, good time tracks. It’s a party that would make Fred Sanford smile and maybe cut a rug or two. Not unlike a good wedding, the recipe for The Funkyard playlist could be described as “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.”
You can find all of that and more on the Pt.7 of this playlist that features Janelle Monae, Anderson Paak and The Internet alongside the Incredible Bongo Band, Prince, Bootsy Collins and The Ojays. Not to mention the underground sounds of Coultrain, Róisín Murphy and Maggie Rogers. So go swimming in the Frank Ocean dressed in “Pink + White” and dance like a Prince with lots of “Musicology.” Just be sure to have a funky good time!
Wanna construct it yourself? The full Funkyard Pt.7 playlist includes:
  1. “Dance or Die” by Jonelle Monae
  2. “Momma’s Place” by Róisín Murphy
  3. “Balancing Act” by Coultrain
  4. “Musicology” by Prince
  5. “Apache” by Incredible Bongo Band
  6. “Give a Little” by Maggie Rogers
  7. “Run” by Gnarls Barkley
  8. “Fire” by Ohio Players
  9. “Heart Don’t Stand a Chance” by Anderson.Paak
  10. “La Di Da” by The Internet
  11. “Together” by Kaytranda
  12. “Black Sweat” by Prince
  13. “Y Not?” by Coultrain
  14. “Making Plans for Nigel” by XTC
  15. “Pink + White” by Frank Ocean
  16. “Happy Man” by Jungle
  17. “I’d Rather be You” by Bootsy Collins
  18. “Backstabbers” by The Ojays
  19. “The Work Pt.1” by Prince

Dance or Die

Momma’s Place

Balancing Act







Give A Little





Heart Don’t Stand a Chance


La Di Da


Black Sweat


Y Not?

 Making Plans for Nigel

Pink + White

Happy Man

I’d Rather Be With You

Back Stabbers

The Work Pt. 1


wrestlingringTis the season for turkey, dressing and domestic disputes. Yes, that means it’s time for gathering around the dinner table for the holiday we all have come to know and love as Thanksgiving…or as the WWE calls it “Survivor Series.”

So why is it that a time dedicated to appreciating the many blessings that we all share often ends in petty disputes? Who got better gifts under the Christmas tree in middle school? Who didn’t live up to mommy/daddy’s expectations? Who was never appreciated? Hmm…

Blame it on the turk-turk-turk-turkey? Blame it on the sib-sib-sib-sibling rivalry?

One way or another the holidays are a time of intense feelings, high food (sugar) consumption and seeing folks you may or may not see all the time. Full bellies…high tempers. And, stop me if you’ve heard this story (right!).

And, so I humbly offer a few suggestions.

Take a deep breath before entering the feast grounds. Drink plenty of water. Remember this is only an hour or two out of a whole lifetime.

Focus on the good times. Chances are, unless you had a really awful childhood, there were more good memories than bad.

Remember that ‘I’m rubber, your glue…” Don’t let the digs stick and don’t feed the gremlin. Just enjoy the sweet potato pie.

Anyway, observe these suggestions and Thanksgiving should be the joyous time we all love and deserve. And, if not, well there’s always a cognac, scotch or Dr. Jack Daniels for dessert? If all else fails, try screaming into the doggie bag.