Happy Fourth of July Friends…I hope you are enjoying this day to the fullest!

In today‘s blog, I want to show appreciate the singers, musicians, songwriters and beat makers for continuing to share their perspectives especially during the turbulent landscape in which we currently live.  As a lover of the life and freedom that music provides, SoundCloud Spotlight really allows me to vibe and just feel what many are feeling during today’s life changes. So in honor of loving life, love and music I want to share some tunes to which I’ve been feeling.

The first song comes from one of the my old favorites: Little Dragon. “Where You Belong” sounds like a reflection on love that seems lost but in reality never left.  It’s summery, refreshing, led by a funky base riff with keyboard interaction that sways —all the while being laced with the distinctly beautiful vocals of lead singer: Yukimi Nagano.  Listen below. 

The second song, while released in 2019, has an urgency and passion that is very of the moment.  “All for Us” starts with Labrinth’s classical three-part a capella, and then the intoxicating high-pitched vocal samples with 808-like base kicks in. This is enhanced with trance-like synths, topped off with guest vocals by Zendaya that contrast nicely agains the swagger of Labrinth.  All that’s needed is some hi-fi headphones or car speakers — and its like being transported to another world. Check it out!

This he following article,  “6 Serious and Surprising Beauty Impacts of Sleep Deprivation,” is by Author Kimberly Hayes, who is currently working on her new book on alternative addiction treatments.  Read more below.

Photo by Pexels

Do you have challenges falling or staying asleep more than a few times a week? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Nearly one quarter —  or 70 million —  Americans deal with chronic sleep issues, says the National Institutes of Health. Not getting enough sleep can have serious —  and surprising —  consequences for how you look and feel. Are you tired of feeling tired? Here are six ways lack of sleep may be affecting you and a few tips on how to catch more zzs.

Brittle Hair and Dry Skin

Sleep is a time when our body’s cells repair and regenerate, so if you can’t fall asleep, your body doesn’t have time to work on its regular maintenance routines, like hair and skin rejuvenation.

Good Sleep Tip: Want glowing hair and brighter skin? Try out a bedtime ritual to help care for your body and relax your mind. Take a warm bath, moisturize and listen to soothing music. Make the habit stick by starting your routine the same time every night.

Poor Mood and Brain Function

When your mind is tired it can’t function at top capacity. This means your processing can be slower, memory less reliable, problem-solving skills less organized and mood unstable. How does brain function impact beauty? It impacts your self-esteem. How you feel about the way you look happens in the mind —  and a well-rested mind stands a better chance of feeling good about how you look.

Good Sleep Tip: Try painting your bedroom walls in soothing, neutral colors to help create a serene space for sleeping. Avoid bright colors and shoot for light blues, soft greens and neutral earth tones.

Weight Gain

Lack of sleep impacts the hormones that regulate hunger and appetite. So if you are losing out on sleep, the weight can start to add up.

Good Sleep Tip: Maintain a regular exercise routine —  the CDC recommends 150 hours of moderate activity a week along with two days of strength training. When you exercise regularly, your body needs more rest to repair and rebuild. However, try not to exercise too hard too close to bedtime.


Lack of sleep can dampen your balance and physical reaction timing. This can be especially challenging for people who enjoy wearing high heels, trendy boots and enjoy running or working out. When your balance is off and your reaction time slow, the chances for injury and illness from accidents go through the roof.

Good sleep tip: Reduce the amount of blue light you get in the evening. This is the light emitted from our screens —  laptops, tablets and smartphones —  which we often have the bad habit of using in bed. Blue light is mentally and physically stimulating, so if it is part of your wind down routine, it’s actually probably doing the opposite.

High Blood Pressure

Chronic sleep issues are often linked to higher blood pressure, which if left unattended has been linked to heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease. Hypertension, the medical name for high blood pressure, is often the result of high stress and anxiety, which can also negatively impact sleep. We know stress has a direct impact on physical appearance —  from wrinkles to dark circles under your eyes.

Good Sleep Tip: Meditate to help let go of intrusive thoughts, regrets that you cannot change and future worries you cannot control. There are many great apps you can explore to become more familiar with the various types of meditation, from Calm to Headspace to Insight Timer.

Weakened Immune System

When you sleep, your immune system powers up. Not only is it an optimal time to recover from an illness or injury you’re already battling, but your body is also working on ways to protect against ickiness you have yet to come up against. A weakened immune system can lead to skin breakouts, easier bruising and damaged teeth and gums.

Good Sleep Tip: Eat more fruits and vegetables and less sugar and caffeine. Not only will you sleep better, but a balanced diet will also add an extra boost to your immune health.

Sleep has a strong influence on how you look and feel. If you’re not getting good quality sleep, try changing your routine or exploring proactive ways to get better rest. If that still doesn’t work, talk to your doctor or healthcare provider about next steps for getting good sleep.

Hey SoundCloud Sunday Lovers! Well, actually today’s feature is not from SoundCloud but you can hear it on plenty of other services. And, most of all, it comes from an awesome new artist who draws inspiration from the soulful demeanor of John Legend, genre-bending style of Pharrell Williams and cadence of Kanye West. “Date Nite” from the debut album, “ON Mii: The Pre-Quel,” is a wonderful offering from Wuan DCMO.

Laced with bouncy synths and silky vocals “Date Nite” expresses the excitement of new love found, when the moolah’s burning a hole in the pocket and you can not wait to spend it on the one you love.

And if you love “Date Nite,” and you WILL love “Date Nite,” just wait til you hear the other tracks on “On Mii: The Pre-Quel.” This album is a breath of fresh air and a timeless treasure. Trip-Hop, Reggae and R&B all blend seamlessly in this super chill exploration of the exhilaration of first love found, the wistful rumination of what went wrong and the hope that love can be gotten back.

My rhetoric won’t due this song justice so take a listen for yourself.

Check out the links below:

Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/…/on-mii-the-pre-quel-s…/1450596261

Amazon Music. https://music.amazon.com/albums/B07N31JJ14…

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4F5XJtWn1Upg6pyjEl5qZW…

Today’s blog was inspired by a “reading” I did on myself using the Archangel Power Tarot cards.  The message was “find time to celebrate, live more mindfully and you are free.”

As I was sitting and reviewing the cards and messages I couldn’t help but smile at what I thought was a great gentle reminder that I could share with my readers.

You see, everyone is working so hard and time seems to be flying by so much that small reminders like these are easily forgotten.  Our current world tends to demand more and more from each of us.  We tend to forget to simply smile, create, celebrate and let it all hang out.  Therefore, my first and important message to each of you is to relish time with good ole family and friends, as good family and friends contribute to a richer life.

In addition, we are moving into the new Libra moon of Transformation on October 8th.  During this transition take advantage of your moments by re-dedicating yourself to living a more purposeful and mindful life.

Try leaving the phone to charge in a separate room while singing along with your favorite song.  Ask “How can I find more moments to eat without texting or multitasking?” Live in that moment.

Moments are fleeting and when gone, they can’t be gotten back.  This is another reason why we must remember we are free.  The fears we face each day are just illusions. We can overcome many of our challenges by choosing to change our perspective.  Jot down different solutions, no matter how far-fetched, and then imagine yourself realizing these objectives.

Most of all, celebrate each and every moment and remember how good it is to be alive.

Enjoy some high vibes on me.

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It’s traveling season so you might be wondering, what are the best vegan spots to check out while on the road?   Here are my recommendations for the following cities.




Native Food Cafe


  • Chicago Diner
  • Chicago House of Za Vegan Pizzeria
  • Dimo’s Pizza
  • Kitchen 17
  • Native Food Café
  • Soul Vegetarian


  • Café Manna
  • Cafe Manna

    Classic Slice

  • Comet Café
  • Stack’d
  • Urban Beets Café & Juicery


  • Imagine Vegan Café

New York

  • Blossom Du Jour
  • Bareburger
  • Gust Organics
  • V-Life NYC

San Francisco

  • Gracias Madre
  • Hella Vegan Eats
  • Souley Vegan
  • The Butcher’s Son
  • The Happy Hooligans
  • The Plant Café Organic
  • True Food Kitchen
  • VeganBurg
  • Vegan Picnic

The Butcher’s Son




St. Louis

  • Confluence Kombucha
  • Lulu’s Local Eatery
  • Seedz Café
  • Pizza Head
  • Pizzeoli Wood Fired Pizza
  • PuraVegan Café & Yoga
  • Seedz Café
  • Small Batch
  • SweetArt
  • Tree House Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant




Just recently I had the privilege to visit the San Francisco Bay area for the first time in my life.  The majestic scenery was one of the many perks to my visit. Of course, my all-time favorite thing about visiting this city was checking out the vegan restaurants.  If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen that I called this sojourn my San Francisco Vegan Restaurant Hop.

Hella Vegan Eats

Wonder what my favorite spots were?  Well, here goes. Out of the eight spots I visited, the top five were:


  1. Hella Vegan Eats

Is it a classic car museum or a vegan hipster hangout?  Well, both actually!  This was an impromptu addition to the vegan hop located in the heart of downtown Oakland.  Upon entering, I was greeted by the most colorful and eclectic scene: an emo-styled kitchen crew and hostesses surrounded by classic cars, blaring 80’s tunes, followed by a rave-like DJ set.  I ordered the chicken quesadilla with side of garlic fries and a ginormous chocolate covered rice crispy treat with jelly filling and sprinkles.  The meal was not only as different at the wait staff but was very satisfyingly delicious.

  1. Souley Vegan

Souley Vegan

OK…so this spot is both solely vegan and soulfully vegan.  As the title indicates the next hop is the soul food version of plant-based eating.  Located in the trendy Jack London Square entertainment district on the Oakland waterfront, this cozy restaurant had all the staples of soul food.  I ordered the yams, mac n’ cheese and fried chicken plate.  The taste was so “dead on” I had to ask the waiter if the food was really vegan.  Not to mention that my husband’s portabella mushroom burger was absolutely awesome!  A jazzy blues band surprised us with some serious chops made the experience even more fun.

  1. VeganBurg

Want a vegan burger that’s Taylor Swift approved?  Well this is a complete burger joint located in the historic Haight-Ashbury neighborhood that Janis Joplin, the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane made famous in the Summer of Love, but that features a big poster of “Swifty.”  The restaurant was clean, crisp and modern with savory seaweed fries and burgers made of seitan.  The vegan soft-serve ice cream with Oreo sprinkles was the topper!


  1. The Butcher’s Son

What college town would be complete without a vegan deli?  This Berkeley restaurant did a great job with the décor, creating the illusion of a real deli, hence the name The Butcher’s Son.  I ordered the steak and cheese made of gluten but ate half of my husband’s Spicy Jackfruit sandwich (my favorite of the two entrees) which tasted like “MORE.”  The macaroni salad was delightful, as were the cupcakes and coffee cake desserts.  The portion sizes were large and extremely filling.

The Butcher’s Son

  1. Gracias Madre

Was Gracias Madre delicious? Si senora!   The San Francisco Mission District restaurant put a fun and absolutely delectable, gourmet spin on Mexican food.  Talk about yum.  I had the Enchiladas con Mole Dinner featuring two rolled tortillas with potato and zucchini topped with mole negro and crema, served with sautéed greens and beans.  This was a very upscale Mexican experience with all your favorite organic spirits.


Garcias Madre

Honorable Mentions | I also wanna give some love to the other cool vegan restaurants I visited: Vegan Picnic in downtown San Francisco, The Happy Hooligan in San Jose, The Plant Café Organic in downtown San Francisco, and True Food Kitchen in Palo Alto.

Let’s talk miracles. These days we are so super saturated with the gloom and doom of what’s going on in the world. From the many natural disasters to the human-deprecating reality TV. We often forget to find gratitude for the smallest things. Being grateful leads to the miracles that we sometimes overlook. Like getting a free pair of earrings just for being honest to the merchant that made them, or money showing up in your bank account right when you need to fill the gas tank/pay a bill or even just to be in the right place where a person will offer their help. These are all acts of miracles. We can manifest miracles in our daily lives by aligning with the belief that the universe has your back.

In these last few months I have been going through trying, dark and downright emotionally draining times on a lot of different levels but I had an ally… Miracles. Day in and day out I was privileged to recognize miracles in my life at every twist and turn. I speak on this topic today because when we acknowledge the smallest of miracles that happen to us, then more and more miracles will present itself. You will even experience bigger and bigger miracles.

So as a gentle reminder, take time out of your day and find the miracle of the day. Before long you’ll start witnessing multiple miracles and your life will change for the better.

In closing and just because I love music, here’s a SoundCloud Saturday Pick on a Thursday. So here goes…“Miracle” by The Score Official

This month I celebrate my fourth vegan anniversary, a.k.a. my “vegan-versary”!!  I have been a vegan for four consecutive years and I must say it has been quite a journey of ups and downs.  To all who are starting or continuing this vegan lifestyle I’d like to share with you how my life changed dramatically after connecting via Facebook to a black fruitarian by the name of Orvel Douglas.   Douglas is a not just a fruitarian but a Certified Nutritionist, Diet Specialist and Coach with over 15 years of experience.  I can’t wait tell more about my experiences with this man…He’s simply amazing and ageless.

But first I want to give a bit of background on my vegan journey.  Previous to being a vegan I was a vegetarian turned carbo-tarian (person that starts to solely feed on carbs like: pasta, rice, bread and potatoes) for 17 years.  In fact, there were periods in my newly married life that I even took time out of my vegetarian lifestyle to somewhat cater to my husband who ate everything…I mean everything.  That just wasn’t for me and so after about two years of eating on and off vegetarian, I went back to my vegetarian roots.  Around 2012 I started to consider the idea of becoming a vegan.  By July 2013, I dove in head first as a raw vegan eating a 80/10/10 styled vegan program.  I consumed enormous helpings of fruits and veggies not really understanding the laws of food combining.  Although, I must say I was gaining clarity and feeling fit as a fiddle until I started getting the detox symptoms.

In the first three months I experienced everything from increased acne with devastating scarring to dramatic hair loss, fatigue and severe coldness in my extremities.  At this point, I thought “Maybe I should quit this foolishness and just go back to eating vegetarian,” but my ego self said “No way, keep pushing, you’ve come this far so let’s see where this goes.” Anyways, I continued on for another 3 months and of course many of my symptoms went away except for the severe coldness in my hands and feet.  (River Goes Raw Vegan) A total of six months had passed and I finally fell off the wagon due to the extreme craving for all the carbs I love.

When I fell off the wagon, I thought I’d never get back on my vegan journey until about a months and a half later. Yep… I was back on the saddle again but this time, I decided to eat cooked vegan foods only after 5 p.m.  So I began what is called “Raw Til Five” routine of consuming raw vegan meals up until 5 pm.  This lasted for a couple of years and soon found myself eating cooked vegan food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I was eating at all the types of vegan restaurants and enjoying the latest vegan processed foods, like burgers, brats, chips, pizzas and cookies.  You name a processed vegan foot, and I was eating it.  My body soon began to speak, or perhaps I should say it began to revolt!

By the beginning of 2017, I had Candida so bad that it was in my scalp.  I knew something had to change.  After figuring out what was happening to me, I took what I thought was a homeopathic direction, and started on a Candida 30-Day Herbal Cleanse.  Although it wasn’t vegan, I was in so much agony and I took it anyway.  In fact, I felt so bad that I would have tried over-the-counter medicine if it was prescribed to me.

At any rate, I started the 30 Day Herbal Cleanse and it was the most pain steaking process ever. I swallowed at least 8 pills daily and not to mention I was on a restricted non candida food regimen that were tasteless and simply unfulfilling. AND, by the end of the 30 days I still had Candida. I was just about to start the 3 Day Herbal Cleanse again when I decided to check on Facebook for others who may have been in my shoes.

This was the around the time I found the one and only Orvel Douglas.  I met him on one of his multiple vegan groups he administrates on Facebook.  Actually, I first reached out to him for a friend who suffers with severe diabetes.   He was quick to respond with the most factual information.  He was honest and very open to a number of questions I had on her behalf.  This led me to dig deeper into the resources he had available.

So one day, after eating homemade veggie broth; literally starving and about to start another cleanse, I finally decided to go to Orvel’s Fruitarian Fruit Feast page and reached out to him on my behalf this time.   I reluctantly informed him that I had Candida and I had just started a weight-training workout routine mixed with HIIT where I was seeing great results but now I would set back my progress being stuck eating veggie broth and drinking only distill water.  In truth, I was miserable, near tears, praying that he could help me.  He simply encouraged me to drop the veggie broth and get to eating fresh raw fruit high in water content to help remove the fats stored in my blood stream.  He even explain how the Candida was feeding off the sugar that was directly connected to the fats in my blood stream.

Orvel then sent me a link to his 31-Day Fruit Feast Challenge (for the month of May) and explained how joining it would benefit me greatly.  Although it was already four days into the challenge I joined right away and witnessed many of my symptom dissipate in the first three weeks.

I followed his rules to the letter and for the most part continued the fruit feast long after it ended only to see him post the next  31-Day Fruit Feast for the month of July, in which I am currently participating.  It gives me great pleasure to announce that I am officially Candida free.

Reflecting back on this journey I believe that one of Orvel s most valuable resources for me was the Food Combining Chart.  Needless to say, I can testify to the power of Orvel’s 31-Day Fruitarian Fruit Feast as one of the most life-changing experiences I’ve had on this vegan journey.   Not only am I now officially a RAW Vegan but I can now make more informed choices by simply remembering to stay away from overt fat and to consume the watery fruits all while drinking distilled water.  Although, I still suffer from extreme cold hands and feet, I believe that following the coaching of Orvel Douglas’ Fruitarian Fruit Feast will continue to heal my anemia.

If you haven’t checked out Orvel Douglas’ wealth of information, I encourage you to do so.  For my part, I plan to maintain this lifestyle as I see how fruit has nurtured me back to health…



Today’s topic came to me in a dream.  It was so vivid that I woke up running to my computer to type up this blog post.  That said, today’s topic centers around my self-awareness awakening through diet, mediation and exercise.  My intent is to help others awaken and offer a perspective.  First, a Disclaimer… I‘m not all saying that my perspective is the only and true way of thinking.  This is simply my experience.

In 1996, I remember moving out of my parent’s home into my very first apartment, and my basic concern was learning how to eat.  Ok, let me backtrack a bit.  When I turned 10, my mother underwent a lifestyle change.  After marrying my adopted father (who mainly ate fruits and veggies), she eschewed pork and beef, partaking in fish, chicken and turkey only for dinner meals.  While both my sister and I inherited this way of life, I seemed to take to embrace the change more easily.

There was sound reasoning behind this lifestyle change.  My father suffered from Sickle Cell Anemia and came to a realization that many African Americans were still learning at that time.  Managing this disease meant maintaining a good foundation of diet and exercise.  He found his balance.  So he would often prepare my school lunch consisting of veggie sandwiches with a fruit.  Many of the children would poke fun of me and make jokes by commenting that my family “must be so poor that we couldn’t afford meat.”  This couldn’t have been further from the truth, and I never let what they said bother me much.  Bottom line, I never missed a meal and was in good health.

I soon went a step further and began to research vegetarianism.  As my high school days approached, I was then able to combat the crude comments with the statement “my parents are vegetarians.”  This was not true, but nevertheless I knew that I would become a vegetarian.  So once I moved out of my parent’s house, became a full-fledged vegetarian and proudly let my family and friends know of my newfound lifestyle.  I did not know where this would lead me but two years later, in 1998, I began my natural hair journey and within the last three-and-a-half years I became vegan.  Veganism was to me the next step from being a complacent vegetarian that was spiraling down to becoming a carbo-tarian who occasionally ate fish and chicken.  So in 2013, I went raw vegan.   “River Goes Raw” Article Here.  In the past, I often exercised, but now, with the change in my eating combined with exercise, I’m seeing some of the most amazing results.  I’ve lost 75 pounds and counting, abated early onset diabetes and lowered my BMI.  On top of that, I meditate at least 15 minutes a day…  Meditation has provided me even more clarity and inspiration to my direction and purpose in life.   Moreover, I will be obtaining a Mindful Meditation Yoga certification to aid others in learning how to reduce their stress levels.

My journey simply began with wanting to be the best version of myself.  Embracing myself entirely, and changing what I can from the inside out.   Reflecting back, it now seems pretty funny that this all started with wanting to validate myself to some childhood classmates after being teased about what I ate.

Fast forward to today, as people become more and more sick in mind and body, I have noticed that many of my natural hair brothers and sisters are not really “natural.” They have natural hair goals but are still eating foods that are considered “dead,” deficient in essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs.  This is continuing the cycle of high blood pressure, diabetes, mental illness and various other diseases.  Many of my fellow naturals have their undergraduate or even master/doctoral degrees, but yet they still don’t understand their own bodies.  To me, the principle is simply you are what you eat and what you eat has a vibration.  What you consume will either produce a high vibration or low vibration.  See HERE for more information about vibrations.  I did not notice my vibrational change until I became vegan.  I am so proud to see how I have changed in mentality, in understanding that I am a conscious co-creator of my existence and most importantly in the desire to give the love I feel myself back to others.  Even on my worst day, I’ve learned to switch my energy to a higher vibration.

All this brings me back to the dream that inspired me to share this story and help people change their lives.  The world needs more love and true love starts by being in love with the way we treat our bodies first, then the love for animals and Mother Earth.   We live in desperate times, when evil is running rampant and only seems to be growing.  Evil will corrupt as many people as will allow it.  You cannot fight hatred and evil with more of the same energy; we must learn to rise above it by way of elevating our vibrations to love…unconditional love.  Through clean electric eating we can activate the body to move into love.  Remember that love starts with you first.  So I ask you to awaken…

Now, there are those who would argue that food is not the cause of some the above illnesses I mentioned and to that I say “to each his/her own.”  I’m not here to judge, just to provide a point of view and be of assistance to those who choose change.

In honor of the Gemini New Moon I am offering a Free 10-minute Consultation Session from May 25th to June 5th.  If you are interested in finding out more about my vegan journey or the services I offer, please don’t hesitate to book a session with me by CLICKING HERE.  For questions or concerns click the live chat bubble on the front page.  I look forward to connecting with you!


Music. Defined as vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

That said,  I want let my new guests know that I will always feature music on my site as my intentions are to continuously represent all that is creative and of LOVE.  Like many others, I have a very close relationship to music.  This creative form allows me emote a spectrum of high and balanced frequencies.  I use it help uplift my mood, create loving feeling and even to empowered myself.   Well, that’s what SoundCloud Sunday does for me and the existing supporters of my site.  This post is for my lovers of high frequency sounds, sequences, lyrics and simply good vibes.

Music is changing and although open and receptive to change, I’m just very cautious about what I vibe to.  These days any sound that makes me happy is what I’m leaning towards.  Today I feature two tracks that can really change your mood…for the better…

So, my first SoundCloud Sunday Pick is synth and high-hat heavy with a bit of a hipstrumental feel.  Its spacey hypnotic vibe puts you on top of the clouds. Pretty soon you’re instantly nodding your head to the catchy phrasing of “Lately I’ve Been Glowed –Up.”  In this case, this is not a hipstrumental but a re-mix of Kaytranada featuring the Anderson Paak song titled “Glowed Up”.  The E.D.M. dub-step sounds captured by Kyral X Banko Flip is so on trend and this track makes me happy by alternating between ultra high and low sounds, high hat and snare drum patterns.  The varied soundscape takes these songs to new heights.  Check it out for yourself.

Speaking of new heights, my second and last selection for this edition of SoundCloud Sunday  is “Shine On Me” by Dan Auerbach, most famous for being a part of the duo the Black Keys.  Its catchy acoustic guitar rift that recalls the song “Queen of Hearts” is inspired by Auerbach’s recent move to the city of Nashville.  This track’s ethereal electric guitar solo soars, evoking the feeling of a warm sunny joyous day.   By the end the song, you may even sing along. Take time to enjoy this song below.


That end today’s edition of SoundCloud Sunday.  If you are reading this post and subscribe to this site,  please don’t hesitate to leave me a request, suggestion or comment.  I’d love to read what you find interesting about this site or music in general.

Thanks and until next time, I send you all the highest vibration of love, peace and light.


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