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The Vegan Transitional Meal Plan is a one-on-one service comprised of  creating a grocery list and corresponding recipes.  In additions, due to popular demand, I now provide one-on-one healthy hair care tips and tricks to newly naturals.  Simply schedule a session by clicking on our Schedule an Appointment icon or feel free to live chat with us for more information.

In SoundCloud Sundays my team and I review, established and emerging artist who’s music can be located on the SoundCloud App.  With Eve’s Nectar we are delivering you affordable and long-lasting fragrant body oil inspired by some of the most popular fragrances on the market as well as originals made with personal care.   You’ll also enjoy blog commentary from the musing of guest writer iObserver.   Feel free to find out more about us,  shop for you favorite body oil or chat with us at any time.  Announcement and other informational content will also be available.  See ya around…